The Vent Monitor is a returning mechanic in the Ultimate Custom Night. It can be activated through the regular Monitor and used to fend off Springtrap, Withered Chica, Mangle, Ennard, and Molten Freddy.


The ventilation system has a single starting point that splits into three paths and merges into a single opening into your office, each opening has a vent snare that blocks every animatronic except Molten Freddy. Withered Chica will always take the rightmost path while every other animatronic takes random paths.

Vent Snare

The Vent Snare is a mechanic in the Ultimate Custom Night. Although there are 5 animatronics inhibiting the Vent System, it is ineffective against Molten Freddy. Only one of the three Vent Snares can be active at a time.

Vent Radar

The Vent Radar is a mechanic to locate vent animatronics on the Vent System. It is accompanied by the Vent Snare.

The Vent Radar can only locate animatronics inhibiting the Central Vent System, making Afton/Scraptrap, Balloon Boy, and Jay-Jay always invisible to the vent radar.

Ennard is hard to be located in Vent Radar due to his mechanic, but his icon can be spotted occasionally, flashing briefly.


  • The images for everyone in the vents are reused from their UCN icons except for Molten Freddy, his is reused from his unused blueprint.
  • Ennard is not visible on the vent monitor screenshot. This is due to his mechanic in the game being how he only appears here and there when moving.


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