Time for your controlled shock.
— Scrap Baby in UCN

The shock panel.

Shock Panel is a Mechanic, it is Used to shock Scrap Baby when she Moves in the Office.

Shock Panel appears with Scrap Baby when you flip down your Tablet, on her right ( which is your left ). When you click the Shock Panel, a controlled shock will be used. Every controlled shock costs you 1% power. When you flip down your Tablet and see Scrap Baby moves, you should shock her. If you don't shock her and flip up the Tablet again, she will end your night with a jumpscare.

The Shock Panel apart from the FNaF: SL is different, as the Light Button is not on the Shock Panel. Scrap Baby also says in one of the death sentences, "Time for your controlled shock."


Description Audio
The sound produced when shocking, this is reused from FFPS.
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