The Music Box is a returning feature from Five Nights At Freddy's 2. You must wind it up so the music box doesn't go off and the Marionette doesn't get hostile. This game mechanic is used with Chica as well.

Ultimate Custom Night

If do you use a Death Coin in the kitchen when Marionette is on, the Music Box will instantly go up since Marionette is gone. Chica gets agitated if the same music repeats, and if she stops making noise you have to go to the Kitchen camera and change the music before she gets out of the Kitchen and jumpscares you.

UCN Audio

A List of Music Box Songs:

Swan Lake (Featured in FNAF 3 Minigames)  -Credit to SadBoiInc. for providing the audio

Grandfather Clock (Featured in FNAF 2 Puppet's Music Box)  -Credit to The Puppet Master for providing the audio

Serenade (featured in FNaF 3 shadow bonnie minigame) -Credit to M&S entertainment

for providing the audio

toreador march (featured in FNaF 1 freddy's power out theme) -Credit for M&S entertainment for providing the audio

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