Faz-Ratings is a mechanic in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.


The Faz-Rating box is a blue box with the top being a dark blue and it transitions to the bottom as a lighter tint of blue. Helpy's body, excluding his legs, appears by the left end of the box. He is shown opening his mouth, putting his arms in a modified T-pose. There is text above the box saying "Faz-Rating".


Faz-Ratings is one of the mechanics in the game. Faz-Ratings will appear when placing something in the player's pizzeria or play-test games, and every item placed will increase the Faz-Rating. It depends on the entity or object that the player places, the more expensive item bought, the more Faz-Rating is added. Every 1,000 Faz-Rating gives the player $100. When the player completes an ending, it shows the total Faz-Rating. If you end the game with a Faz-Rating of 0, you will be awarded with the Mediocrity ending.


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